You are That which you are seeking

- Francisco de Asissi

Disobey. Disbelieve. Free the mind, and then you may be free of the Mind


Zen in the Western Mind


Quantum Coherence, Holism, and Global Mind


Kali: In contemplation I had a vision of Kali, devourer of worlds and lover/mother goddess to creation


Tantric Shamanism: examining the panaroma of impossibility that is the paradox of Self  

Meditations at the Edge of Time: Time is the vehicle in a journey bridging science and mysticism


Unity is Truth, a priori and a posteriori; analytic and synthetic. Unity is logically necessary and empirically obvious


I have seen the Eschaton, and It is Us: burning man as an extension of the psychedelic hyperspace of mind into local space-time

The Corporation: an Evolutionary Dead End?: a look at how the corporate organism fits in a dynamic creation


The world we experience is irreducible-there are no individual moments or places, only the eternally evolving Now. Allow the barriers in the mind to pass and you will see that the world is One. Allow the mind to pass and you will see that you are One with the world.


On Good And Evil

Poetry Inspired by Love

A Dialogue on the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

Schizophrenia and Time

A Note on Psychedelic Sexual Etiquette: by Nick Herbert

Axiomata Esoterica

Fallacy of the Illuminati


Who am I?

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