I spent the weekend with Christopher which of course always gets one thinking, or worse, just plain pondering...which in my case can be scary.

  So as I sat here translating an airplane manual into an interactive computer lesson I was at the same time, well, pondering.    Sometimes when one gets something rattling around in the head the only way to excise it is to write it down...it is the nature of artistic obsession. You have the same problem as a musician.  You go through life with a perpetual tune in your head.   

So here I was pondering Time to a background of Strauss while proof-reading a computer lesson, and I thought, "Hey, Schizophrenia is supposed to be abnormal." Well, maybe Schizophrenia is normal and being boxed in to one personality is abnormal?  Maybe that's why our culture is so screwed up and destructive, and people are so irritable and pissed off all the time;  they have to go around trapped in one identity.  They are denying their potential, their humanity, and they know it. 

  The key to Schizophrenia is time.  Being different people at different times is problematic and they want to put you away or on drugs or something... being different people at the same time is, well, also problematic.  But maybe that is our nature...it is healthier to be whole.  You simply give time the slip and do it all at once.  One of my favorite pet tricks in High School was writing with both my hands at the same time. 

Stop believing things are impossible, believe the impossible.  Sure you can be an adult separated human- or you can be a baby whole universe.  

I was pondering Atlantis Rising as the Divine Invasion, our undivided selves sending a message from outside of time.  I will still have to write that all down.  The music: a subversive broadcast of The Birth of Man from Thus Spoke Zarathustra emanating from Galactic Freemind Radio- our futureSelf?  

The thoughts, art, music; all are all the same pattern.  Our dividing minds separate the pattern out into discrete forms, into a poem by Joyce, a movie by Kubrick, a tone-poem by Strauss.  Like a hologram, each has the pattern of the whole, but when you put them all together the pattern is clear.   

Separation - the real from the unreal, the existent from non-existent-  is an artifact of a paradigm.  But the invasion is underway!  A chaos critical mass of enlightenment approaches and enough will knock down the wall between either/ or to create the jump to a the new complemenarity paradigm.  How many have to believe something to make it true?  I don't know.  But believe the impossible.