A Note on Psychedelic Sexual Etiquette

by Nick Herbert

I am a male human being on Earth plane 7. My partner wants to be treated like a goddess. But so do all the others. Is there one goddess or many? And how can I honor them all?
-- Overwhelmed in Pasadena

Dear Overwhelmed --
The answer to the goddess(god) dilemma faced by you and so many others on the Earth planes is contained in two psychedelic visions. Since along with these privileged experiences comes the conviction that you have been opened to a Deep Secret, an Undeniable Truth of Nature, you understand that it would be spiritually hazardous not to base your post-vision life on these psychedelic insights if at all possible.

Vision #1: Perception of the All-in-One. Behind the veil of illusion you realize that your partner is woman in all her guises: goddess, queen, perfect lover, sister, mother, childhood companion; lewd temptress too, man-eater, whore, black witch, angry Kali: devourer of worlds. Only the persuasive simplicity of the commonplace vision habitually blind you to the fact that She in all her moods and costumes continually plays for your sake at the game of embodiment. In your relationship you two take turns imitating for each other all the male and female roles that crowd your imagination -- images out of dreams, movies, childhood books -- hiding (and seeking) behind the familiar masks that pulled you together in the beginning. The image of All-in-One supports the notion of spiritual monogamy: there is truly only one Goddess(God) and She(He) is now, was, and ever will be at your side. (In the words of the immortal Fats Waller: "If that isn't love, it'll have to do, until the real thing comes along . . .")

Vision #2: Perception of the One-in-All. Beneath the shimmering surface of things, you suddenly see that everything is alive, divine, and profoundly sexual. Every man and woman that you meet yearns to be your lover. (In his "Song of Myself," Walt Whitman managed to write down(!) a glimpse of this unitary vision.) Every flower, tree, stone, or drop of water is a divine essence that demands your immediate erotic attention. Why are you holding back from this invitation to the dance? The image of One-in-All supports the notion of a spiritual promiscuity so shameless that it includes not only every living creature in its gooey affection but the vegetable and mineral kingdoms as well. Goddess(God) is in everything and Goddess(God) is Love.

Reconciling these two psychedelic insights -- each of them true without a doubt on the deepest level of existence -- is a real problem for finite creatures such as human beings, forgetful of their true nature, locked into the separateness illusion. Keeping both these images in mind, try to do your very best. Follow your heart and take the consequences. Goddess(God) bless you.
-- Abbie dearest

Nick Herbert resides in the Santa Cruz mountains and is the author of a series of new physics works including Quantum Reality, Faster Than Light, and a forthcoming book on "maverick models of the mind."