I have seen the Eschaton: and It is Us


Black Rock City is a seepage of the psychedelic hyperspace of mind through a tear in the fabric of local space time.  A re-creation of the cosmic whole reflected out of us onto the dry lake bed, a manifestation of the divine human potential.  All possible worlds are actualized.  External time disappears and the denizens of Black Rock City move through the phase space of all possibilities, co-creating a host of local realities and local times.  It is the human spirit unleashed. 


Human culture is in an apocryphal evolutionary phase transition, the dissolution of an epochal paradigm and those structures which serve to define it.  The culture of control reacts to an evolution based on increasing complexity and novelty by imposing uniformity; chaos ensues as life and consciousness evolve anyway, pouring out of the mental edifice meant to harness it.  In this chaos lies the freedom to choose from myriad potential outcomes.  We are the self in a self-organizing system and have the power to remake reality. 


At the stage of total disintegration time will stop in the complete dissolution of an objective shared reality against which to measure it:  The eschaton.  As humanity peers behind the veil, they will see --  Black Rock City, a beacon to a new stage in evolution.


Black Rock City is the hyperspace mothership of the Gaian group soul. A life raft from outside of time, sent by our futureself to act as a source of positive feedback, a strange attractor in the growing web of planetary consciousness.  I have seen the Eschaton- and it is us. 


Peter Hodges